Texas Hold 'Em by Phill Hellmuth
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Check out these frequently asked questions from other players. If your question is not listed here, please email your question directly to [email protected] or fill out the Comment Form. If you would like to send a question directly to Phil Hellmuth, do so here.

If you have general questions about game play, visit the How to Play section or check out the special features of the game.


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Game Play Questions

Q: How can I find where a friend is playing and join his or her table?
You can search for a particular player by username so that you can join a friend at a particular table. From the main menu, select Special Features, then Search For Player. Enter the player’s username and press OK/Select. The player’s location or status displays once located. If you want to join that table, select Join and you will be led to your friend’s table.

Q: How can I actually play against Phil Hellmuth?
Think you are up to the challenge? You can find out the table where Phil Hellmuth is playing and join him at his table.
From the Special Features menu, select Find Phil. If he is active, you will be notified of his location. If you select Join, you will be able to play with Phil at the same table. If he is not playing online at that moment, you will be told he is not active at that time. Phil plays as often as his schedule allows, so if he is not active, try again later.

Q: How can I select my own avatar or personal image to be shown when I am playing?
A special feature called Select Avatar allows you to select an image that will be associated with your username. There are 16 different images to choose from. From the Special Features menu, choose Select Avatar. Use the left and right navigational buttons to scroll through the available images. When you have found the image of your choice, press the OK/Select key.

Q: Can I change my username and how do I do this?
You can change your username at any time. From the Special Features menu, select Change Username. Type the new username you want to use and press the OK/Select key.

Q: What if I change my phone number? Can I use the same username?
If you change your phone number, you will need to change your username. You cannot use the same username with a different phone number.

Q: How can I invite a friend to play against me?
Under the Special Features menu, select Invite a Friend. This feature allows you to send a text message to a friend to invite him/her to play against you. Supply your friend’s 10-digit phone number, and then press the OK/Select key. The friend will receive a message to join you in a game of Texas Hold ’em by Phil Hellmuth and your username, so that he/she can find the table where you are playing.

Q: Can I chat with my opponents during play? How?
During online game play, you can “talk trash” or chat with your opponents while waiting for your next turn. Press the * key and a message input screen will display. Enter your message and press the OK/Select key to send it to the other players.

Q: Are there different views of the game?
You can press the # key to toggle between the text view and the full-table graphic view for a different perspective of the game.

Q: How can I join a table at which my friend is playing?
If you know at which table your friend is playing, you can simply begin typing in the table number on the table list screen. A Go To screen will pop up. Just press the OK/Select key and you will be directed to that table without having to scroll through the table list. Or, if you do not know the table number where your friend is playing, you can use the Search For Player feature under the Special Features menu. Once your friend is located, you can press Join to join the table.

Q: Can I check my opponents’ cash banks in the game?
Yes, press the zero (0) key during a game to bring up a Table Bank screen that displays how each player is doing. Here, you will see each player’s seat number and the amount in their at-table chip stack. Press the 0 key (or the Clear key) to return to the action.

Q: What happens to my results if I quit a hand, my battery dies, or I lose connection?
The result of your last complete action will be stored if you quit a hand, your battery dies or you lose connection.

Q: What is the time limit for each player’s turn in the game?
The 5/10, Pot Limit $2000, and No Limit tables have a time limit of 20 seconds for each player’s turn. The 5/10 Turbo, Pot Limit $2000 Turbo, No Limit Turbo tables allow players only 12 seconds to react.

Q: What is Turbo?
At a Turbo table, users only have 12 seconds to react and make their next move. So, if you are quick-thinking and want to play the game at a faster pace, this table is for you.

Q: What are Tournaments?
Tournament style play is available with each table type (5/10, Pot Limit or No Limit). Tournaments are “Sit and Go” style, meaning that the tournament starts as soon as a table fills up with eight players. Playing in a tournament costs a portion from the player's bank. As players go broke, they are eliminated until there is only one person remaining. The winnings are divided among the top 3 players with 1st getting 50%, 2nd 30% and 3rd 20%.

Q: How long are Tournaments? Will they run up my wireless minutes?
Tournaments typically last 30 minutes or less. To keep things short, the blinds increase steadily every five hands to move the contest to a conclusion. You can leave a tournament at any time. If you are one of the three remaining players, you will win a portion of the bank at that time. Otherwise you will walk away without any additional winnings added to your bank.

Q: How do I leave the table that I am playing?
Press the number 5 key during actual play to bring up a game menu, and select Leave Table. Or you can press the Clear key on the game screen to leave the table.

Q: Is it possible to plan ahead in the game to save time?
In both Solo Play and Play Online, while you are waiting for your next turn, you can Fold, Call or Raise for your next hand by pressing the appropriate number key. Press 2 to bring up the pop-up window, then press 4 to Fold, press 5 to Call, or press 6 to Raise. The Plan Ahead pop-up goes away at any of these key presses. When Deal Me In or Waiting For Next Hand appears at the bottom of the screen, this option is not available.

Q: How can I check the rankings of the top players from the phone?
You can view a list of the game’s highest scorers at the Rankings section. The Top 10 Daily, Weekly and Monthly leaders are shown for each table type. You can also select High Winners from the game’s main menu.

General Questions

Q: Who is Oasys Mobile and what kind of products do you make?
The developer of Texas Hold ’em by Phil Hellmuth, Oasys Mobile is a leading provider of mobile applications that optimize the consumer wireless experience. We develop mobile applications that personalize the mobile phone.
With Oasys Mobile, your mobile phone can do so much more with products ranging from games to personalized wallpaper to custom news and photo-messaging. Our leading content partners include Sports Illustrated, Fujifilm, The Associated Press, Snapfish, ABC News, ESPN, and of course, Phil Hellmuth.
Oasys Mobile builds products for all major mobile platforms including BREW™, Java™ 2, J2ME™, Symbian OS and WAP. We distribute our applications through major wireless carriers. Currently Oasys Mobile has relationships with carriers that account for 92% of all U.S. wireless subscribers with more carriers joining every day. We also have relationships with international carriers covering Canada, Latin America, Australia, Israel and the U.K.
To learn more about Oasys Mobile, visit www.oasysmobile.com.

Q: Where and how can I get the game?
For complete details by wireless carrier and mobile phone model, please see Get the Game.

Q: How can I contact you with additional questions?
For more questions about this game, please email us at [email protected].

Q: Who is Phil Hellmuth?
In 1989, Phil Hellmuth became the youngest person ever to win the World Championship of Poker at age 24. Since then he has won eight more World Championship titles and has been named by his peers “the best poker tournament player in the world.” In 2003, Phil tied Doyle Brunson and Johnny Chan as the leading WSOP bracelet winner and ranked 3rd overall in Top Money Winners among men with over $2.8 million won in 34 finishes. In all, Phil has won over 50 poker tournaments since his career began in 1988 including becoming the first American to win the European Poker Championship in October, 2000. Visit Phil’s Web site www.philhellmuth.com for more stories and updates.




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