Texas Hold 'Em by Phill Hellmuth
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There's no better way to school your friends in Texas Hold 'Em - no matter where you are.

With the launch of Version 2, Texas Hold 'em by Phil Hellmuth offers a full house of features. The result? The ultimate mobile poker game experience.

Play against friends
It's the only mobile Texas Hold 'em game that lets you play in real time against your friends - across the room or across the country.

Play it your way
Choose from 5/10, No Limit or Pot Limit $2000 tables, multiplayer or solo, fast or Turbo.

New! Play to be the last person standing with real-time elimination tournaments. Winnings go to first, second and third place.

Go head to head with Phil
Want to play against Phil Hellmuth himself? You can search for Phil and play against the real deal in online mode. Not quite ready? Play solo mode and get the experience of playing against the master.

So real you'll think you're there
Brings the table to your mobile phone screen. With enhanced 3D graphics for incredibly realistic gameplay and crisp images.

Track down a friend
Search by username to find if a friend is playing - then join his table! You can also see if Phil is currently at the table.

Chat up your victims
You can talk trash with other players while waiting your turn. Become part of the poker community and get to know your opponents before you crush them.

Put on your game face
Let your personality - or evil twin - show through as you play. Select your customized image at a table (your avatar) from 16 images.

Turn it up to Turbo
Like your game at a faster pace? Choose a Turbo table that gives you only 12 seconds of thinking time instead of 20.

Text a friend
Text message your friends from inside the game, and invite them to join you for a hand.


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