Texas Hold 'Em by Phill Hellmuth
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Search for Player
Want to join a friend (or foe) at a particular table? You can search for a player by username. From the Special Features menu, select Search For Player. Enter their username with the keypad. Press the OK/Select key. You can automatically join that person’s table by selecting Join once the player is found.

Ready for a quicker paced game? Select Play Online from the main menu. When the list of tables displays, select one of the Turbo tables. You’ll get just 12 seconds of thinking time.

For a little trash talk while you play, press the * key. An input message screen displays. Enter your message using the keypad and press the OK/Select key when finished. Your message will be sent to the other players.

High Winners
You can view a list of the game’s highest scorers. The categories range from Daily 5/10 to Monthly Pot Limit. Select High Winners from the main menu. With any luck, you’ll see your own name. You can also see all ranked players on this site’s ranking pages.

Find Phil
Looking for a challenge? Join Phil’s table. From the Special Features menu, select Find Phil. If Phil is currently active, the game will find his table. If the table’s full, you can watch and wait to play.

Deal Me In
When you first join a table in online play, you’re in “watch” mode. You can remain an observer for several hands. To participate in the game, you must ask the Dealer to “deal me in.” Press OK/Select when Deal Me In is displayed at the bottom of your screen. The dealer will bring you into the game at the start of the next hand.

Select Avatar
This special feature allows you to select the image that will be associated with your username. From the Special Features menu, choose Select Avatar. Scroll through the available 16 images. When you have made your selection, press the OK/Select key.

Invite a Friend
This special feature allows you to tell a friend via text message about the game. You just type in your friend’s 10-digit phone number, then press the OK/Select key. A message inviting the friend to join you at a table, and your username, will be delivered to your friend.

Plan Ahead
In both Solo Play and Play Online, while you are waiting for your turn, you can prepare to Fold, Call or Raise. Press the 2 key to bring up the pop-up option window, press 4 to Fold, press 5 to Call, press 6 to Raise. Then the Plan Ahead pop-up goes away. When Deal Me In or Waiting For Next Hand appears at the bottom of the screen, this option is not available.

View Account
Your account information includes your bank total, your credit limit as well as your net worth. From the main menu, select My Account using the up and down keys to highlight My Account and press the OK/Select key to see where you stand.


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