Texas Hold 'Em by Phill Hellmuth
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Oasys Mobile is proud to bring you Texas Hold 'em by Phil Hellmuth, a true multiplayer poker game where you can humble your friends in real time, right on your mobile phone!!

PHIL'S HOUSE: The only game where friends meet each other at the tables for a true multiplater experience right on your mobile phone.
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top players

5/10:   Hera33    $153
Pot Limit:   Oscar    $1625
No Limit:   Swordsman    $4607595
5/10 Turbo:   Swin    $165
Pot Limit Turbo:   Lilporker    $3875
No Limit Turbo:   Jeffdking    $6796405

5/10:   420jr.    $4440
Pot Limit:   Dave    $203474
No Limit:   Master    $83044069
5/10 Turbo:   Stev0    $5128
Pot Limit Turbo:   Uppy    $383171
No Limit Turbo:   Tlclassics    $84879735

5/10:   Tom    $1077
Pot Limit:   Southgal1    $46705
No Limit:   Burndout    $73393319
5/10 Turbo:   Deb    $1034
Pot Limit Turbo:   Sreeder    $32983
No Limit Turbo:   Jeffdking    $58066945





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